Things You Find on Datacenter Servers…

School buses get the priority on the road. I once was carting around this huge car and trying to get to the destination as fast as I could, and this school bus just parks right in front of me. It felt like a million kids got on the bus before the bus was finally finished loading. Towards the end, I was wondering whether the tow truck of mine was actually maneuverable enough to get around the school bus.

The road was cleared and a police fake escort went to the airport to collect a dignitary as instructed. The fleet of vehicles quickly made its way into the airport, and the officers directed the person they had been instructed and drove him to the Whitehouse. It was then that they were informed that it was the wrong person. They had left whoever they were to pick at the airport and came with someone else. What a waste of resources! They had not given the fake dignitary time to explain what he was doing at the VIP area.

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